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Phone: 630-717-7040
About MSP, Inc.    

MSP was founded in 2002 with a clear mission: to design and manufacture the best equipment in the roofing industry.  We are a young, vibrant organization focused on quality, innovation, and design excellence.  All four of our owners are degreed engineers and are active in the day-to-day operations of the company.  Our culture of technical leadership defines MSP at every level of the organization.

Because of our relentless commitment to quality and innovation, we have grown to become the leading supplier of roofing manufacturing systems.  In the past five years, MSP has designed, manufactured, installed, and commissioned 80% of the in-line lamination systems worldwide.  We are grateful to our customers for the confidence they have placed in us and we look forward to the opportunity to advance the state of the art with each new machine.



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