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MSP has become the leading supplier of shingle manufacturing equipment by embracing a philosophy of innovation, continuous design refinement, and market agility.  Because we strive for continuous improvement with each new system, MSP can offer equipment and control designs that will improve line speeds, quality, reliability and ease of maintenance.  We offer complete solutions to manufacture all types of shingles with line speeds approaching 1000 Fpm.

Our custom-engineered solutions are executed with state-of-the-art design tools and the latest technologies for machine design.  By combining our mechanical and electrical design teams under one roof in our corporate engineering office, we are able to implement unified designs.  The close coordination of mechanics, electronics, and computing enables us to create advanced solutions that are economical and reliable.

In addition to several innovations that MSP has already brought to the shingle manufacturing industry, we have several new developments in various stages of design, prototype, and testing that will enable roofing systems to operate at 1000 feet per minute and beyond.  These developments focus on core capabilities such as coating, slating, blending, packaging, and more.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss these innovations and concepts with our customers.

MSP is the preferred choice for both new equipment and upgrades to existing equipment.  In the past five years, we have designed, manufactured, installed, and commissioned 80% of the in-line lamination systems worldwide. 

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